Customized Makeup Brush
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Customized Makeup Brushes Process

Our company main business is customize makeup brush, 100% design and production according to customer or brand ‘s requirement. What part can be customized?

Handle Customization

Wood Handle

The main raw material is birch, which is taken from artificially planted wood. We do not destroy forests. It can be made into different shapes, depending on the customer’s design requirements. The color can be freely selected. Customers can choose the color that suits their brand image. If it is a noble brand, they can choose black. If it is a cute brand, they can choose pink. The handle can be painted with 7 layers of paint, with a smooth surface, good feel, and waterproof. It can also be made of wood original color, which is simple and environmentally friendly.

Plastic Handle

We use new PP or ABS raw materials, which are non-toxic and odorless and can be recycled normally. The color and shape of the plastic handle can be customized, and the surface can also be made into metallic colors, such as metallic silver or metallic gold. However, some specific handle shapes can be molded. The price will be more cost-effective if the order quantity is large friendly.

Metal Handle

The most commonly used metal handle is an aluminum handle, which is often used for kabuki short brushes. It is generally cylindrical, but there are also some square ones. The surface color can be customized as required. The whole product is small and can generally be used as a large brush. It is easy to carry. The surface can be embossed so that the brand logo will not fall off. There are also some copper handles, but because of their high prices, few customers choose them.

Bamboo Handle

Bamboo is the most common economic crop. It is tough and soft and can be made into different shapes of makeup brush handles. However, it is not recommended to spray the outside with color. Generally, the surface of the bamboo handle will remain in its original color and will be sprayed with a layer of bright oil, which not only makes the surface smooth and not irritate hand, but also prevents moisture. The handle is light and environmentally friendly

Bristle Customization

Synthetic hair

Synthetic bristles are the most popular among customers because they are tough, not easy to break, resistant to washing, and cheap. The colors of synthetic bristles can be selected in different ways, the most common ones are black, white or brown, and they can also be made in duo-colors. The shape of the bristles of the makeup brush head can be customized as required, such as round head, triangular head, oblique head, etc. The length of the bristles can also be customized as required. The length of the bristles of different makeup brushes will also be different.

Wool Hair

The most commonly used animal hair is goat hair. There are many types of wool, and 2# wool is the most popular among customers. It is not only soft and good to the touch, but also very affordable. The color of the wool can also be customized. Because the material of wool is close to human hair, there are certain pores on the hair, which is more suitable for powder cosmetics, such as loose powder. Because it is animal hair, it is less likely to cause allergies to the user, so it is safer. Wool is shaved from animals, there is no cruelty to animals, and no experiments that harm animals are conducted.

Horse Hair

Horse hair is generally used as the material for eye shadow brushes, because it is coarse and hard, and when used on eye shadow, it can make the brush have strength. Eye brushes made of horse hair have shorter brush heads, which are convenient for applying eye shadow. Horse hair is cheap and is a very commonly used eye shadow brush material. Colors and hair shapes can be customized according to customer requirements.

Ferrule Customized

The ferrule connects the bristles and the handle, which is required to be durable, shiny and beautiful, so it is generally made of metal. The surface color and laser logo can be customized. The ferrule have a variety of regular sizes, unless the customer’s size is very special, which can generally be met. There are hard and soft materials to choose from.

Which parts of makeup brushes can be customized?

customized makeup brushes

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